Hiring Students and Academic Appointees

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Jessica Meyer

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March 21, 2023

Hiring documentaiton

Contact the Luddy Payroll Team at sicepay@indiana.edu:

  • To employ a student, an academic-appointed employee (post-doc or research scientist/associate) or visitors (visiting scholar or no-pay visitor) a minimum of seven days before the job start date.
  • For payroll or timesheet questions
  • When an employee is terminated/resigns

The Luddy Bloomington Payroll team provides resources to ensure a newly hired staff meet payroll enrollment deadlines. New Luddy Bloomington employees must complete and submit all requisite paperwork and documentation to the Finance Office no later than two weeks prior to the hire-effective date.

I-9 forms

I-9 forms are federally mandated for all new hires. To complete the I-9, employees should bring one document from list A or a combination of one document from list B and one document from list C with them on their first day of employment.

Note: International students seeking employment need to bring a valid passport, IU Work Authorization card, and the J-1 or F-1 certificate.

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