Accounting and Reporting

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August 18, 2023

Ad Hoc Reporting requests

The Luddy Finance team can assist with financial reporting needs. Please send requests for ad hoc financial reporting to Jane M. Lewis at Please send requests well ahead of date the report is needed, a minimum of two weeks, to allow time for compilation.


  • The IU Decision Support Initiative - The ongoing goal of DSI is to improve decision making at all levels of the institution, by dramatically enhancing availability of timely, relevant, accurate information through improved data, models, processes and interactions.
    • AM 360 Report Center - AM360 content is designed to address key business questions for academic unit decision makers by combining data from many different systems and providing current-state, integrated data to better inform time-sensitive planning and operating decisions throughout the academic year.
    • IU Controller’s Office reporting tools – Provides links to the major reporting applications used as well as instructions on how to use fiscal officer related reports.