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May 11, 2023

PhD Student Travel

Luddy School Bloomington PhD students are awarded a one-time stipend for travel directly relating to their educational pursuits at Indiana University. Requests for PhD travel funds must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies before the travel occurs. Please submit the Luddy Graduate Travel Request Form for this review, including supporting documentation upload that contains amount of travel funds being requested. Once approved, PhD students should contact the administrative assistant assigned to their department for assistance with applying the funds associated with this award to their travel expenses via their bursar account. For questions relating to the financial aspects of student financial aid, including this PhD travel award, please contact Mike Noth, Assistant Dean for Finance, at

Visiting Scholars

Faculty must receive approval from their department chair prior to agreeing to host visiting scholars. The chair must first ensure that we have space and resources available before approving a visiting scholar and that the visitor’s area of study will contribute to the mission of our faculty. Please provide exact dates of the visit, study collaboration plans, evidence of an interview to verify the visitor’s level of English, and the visitor’s CV. It can take several months for visas to process, so please submit visiting scholar proposals in the spring semester preceding the academic year of the visit.