Instructional Consulting Services

Course planning and development

Through individual consultation, faculty can discuss their individual teaching goals within a cooperative, developmental framework. We offer a variety of research-based teaching strategies tailored to the course’s specific needs.

Common consultation subjects include:

Departmental Support

  • Designing new programs, certificate, courses (or revising existing courses), lesson plans, assignments, and assessment,
  • Solving instructional problems and optimizing the classroom experience for teachers and students
  • Supporting the integration of educational technologies into teaching practices
  • Facilitating workshops
    1. Providing Orientation and Diversity training for AIs and UIs
    2. Diversity for Departments
    3. Academic Misconduct for graduate students
    4. Supporting PhD IoR
  • Supporting efforts relating to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL)
  • Other projects that connect to the educational mission of the school and university, but that are more loosely defined including but not limited to
    1. grant writing (SOTL, Career Grants, NSF)
    2. facilitating interdepartmental and inter-school collaborations,
    3. discussions with businesses and governmental agencies aimed at providing faculty with information to improve departmental curriculum
  • Facilitate conversations between the student advocates office and faculty
  • Collaborate with CITL, the Office of Online Education, IU Libraries, CIRTL network, and other Academic Support Officers to align Luddy's curricular mission to university missions and opportunities
  • Work with advising and academic support offices to facilitate faculty and academic support conversations
  • Work with departmental curriculum committees
    • Course and curricular mapping
    • Remonstrance
    • Course and program proposals

Addressing DFWI Rates through Academic Interventions

  • Using data to Provide Supplemental Instruction for courses with high DFWI rates.
  • Discuss creating more engaging pedagogies
  • Promote metacognition in first and second year students
  • Emphasize a growth mindset in students
  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Use Early Warning and/or Early Intervention (Analytics) Tools in Canvas
  • Flexible grading when possible

Meet Akesha - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Akesha Horton seeks to facilitate, as well as train others to foster strong learning communities within each class by encouraging critical engagement with ideas, beliefs, and pedagogies in the local, national and global contexts. This experience has helped inform her research in the area of the scholarship of teaching and learning, curriculum development, technology integration, and cultural studies.

Reach out to Akesha today at to help you hone your teching with one-on-one guidance.