Contracts and Grants

Luddy C&G Office services

Prepare proposal for submission to Office of Research Administration(ORA). Luddy Contracts and Grants should be notified via email to at least 3 weeks in advance of the sponsor’s due date. The complete proposal is due to ORA by 9 a.m. four (4) business days before the sponsor’s due date. Sponsored Research Programs: Internal Submission Deadline Policy SPA-11-025. Abiding by these internal deadlines helps to ensure a successful proposal submission and avoids negative impacts on other faculty submitting proposals caused by the diversion of staff resources to support late proposals.

  • Budget preparation
  • Justification review
  • Collection of administrative documents (example: Biosketch, Current and Pending, Facilities Statement, Postdoc Mentor Letter)
  • Compliance review
  • Creation of proposal development document in the IU Kuali Coeus (KC) System
  • Works with ORA for final submission

Luddy C&G will provide grant account projections by request. As part of award/account management, C&G will:

  • Meet with faculty representatives to communicate with faculty
  • Meet with faculty on new awards to go over account management
  • Ensure expenses are allowable, allocable, and reasonable on the award
  • Review budgets (ensure items have been budgeted, e.g. capital equipment)
  • Review account and project spending (ensure funds are available for purchases)
  • Guide faculty if adequate funds for purchases
  • Check fund balance
  • Follow-up with any individual/agency on outstanding issues with IU
  • Work with ORA on contract and subcontract issues
  • Point of contact on all account questions and operations (e.g.moving a student onto an account)
  • Work with agencies on no cost extension requests
  • Provide compliance check support for grant project reports
  • Ready accounts for close
  • Provide assistance with relinquishing awards to other institutions

Luddy C&G can review the accounting portion of progress/annual reports upon faculty request.

Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS)
FAPIIS is a federal database that has been established to track contractor misconduct and performance. It is intended to serve as a government-wide source of information about the prior performance of federal procurement contractors, grantees, and cooperative agreement holders. Reports (example: progress, annual, outcomes) must be submitted on time or will be subject to being reported to FAPIIS. NSF must report to FAPIIS if a grant report due to the sponsor is over 1 year old. Once reported to FAPIIS, the reporting is permanent and cannot be removed which affects the institution (IU) for future funding and the PI and co-PI on the project are reported.

IU student salary policies

Depending on what job responsibilities are being performed, education or certifications, experience level, and equity of position, are factors that will determine a Post Doc and/or Scientists salary range. Please contact at before hiring any faculty position.

Luddy Contracts and Grants team

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Erica Beauchamp
Grants Specialist for Information and Library Sciences (ILS)
(812) 856-4117

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Michelle Grissom
Grants Specialist for Informatics (INFI)
(812) 855-0464

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Julie Overfield
Grants Specialist for Computer Science (CSCI)
(812) 855-8636

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Tara Wittmer
Grants Specialist for Intelligent Systems Engineering (ISE)
(812) 855-2996