Procurement Card / P-Card

Consult an administrative assistant

An IU Purchasing p-card  is a credit card that may be used for some, but not all, IU-related purchases. Contact an administrative assistant for assistance.

Please review this policy as well as IU’s P-card Restrictions.

Only use a P-Card for appropriate purchases, including:

  • Small dollar transactions under $5,000 (normally not more than $1,000)
  • One-time purchases from a non-IU vendor
  • Purchases from a supplier that does not accept purchase orders
  • Conference registration fees

Sales Tax

  • IU’s tax-exempt number (0003123294) is on the face of all P-Cards.
  • Request reimbursement for tax charged in the amount of $7 or more.
  • Staff and faculty hospitality is taxable when purchased with an IU P-card or through a purchase order.
  • Student hospitality is tax-exempt when purchased with an IU P-card or purchase Order.

Return the P-Card and an itemized receipt to the cardholder as soon as possible. Please indicate on your receipt what the purchase was for and the account number to be charged.

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Date of last update:

June 2023